Padlocks, mixed metals 18k gold, oxidized Sterling silver, & diamonds.


18k gold & oxidized sterling silver double sided Padlocks

Use our 18k gold & diamond charm holders add, mix, & layer your heirloom collection!

Use our charm enchncers to create your unique story!

18k gold & diamond charm holders

14k & sterling silver double sided charms

“Believe & thou hast conquered” 14k gold / oxidized sterling silver + diamonds

double sided urban charm!

Double sided sacred heart charms / “family, where life begins and love never ends”

"I love my life"

Maltese Cross + Single Diamond Shield

18k gold / beautiful semiprecious gemstones

Renaissance pave rings

ERICAMOLINARI / fine jewelry

ericamolinari double sided 14k and silver charms. 18k gold earring studs.